Eco-sustainability, a beautiful word that contains a lot of meanings, but what have we done to define ourselves as Eco-Sustainable.

We have spent most of our lives in a big city, we have never had the perception of the seasons in agriculture, if you wanted a tomato in December you could have it, but that’s not how nature works, the fruits, the vegetables are seasonal and It’s absurd to think of eating a peach in January, which then arrives by plane from who knows where, and also expecting to pay a few pennies for it.

Here we understood that you have to know how to wait for the right moment, you have to preserve the land, nourish it because then in the end it wouldn’t give you anything anymore. We think we count for almost nothing in these life cycles, but each of us can and must do something.
Buy seasonal products that come as much as possible from your own territory, don’t waste but preserve, the land is one and it’s showing us that it’s already tired of us. Let’s do it now.

Yes ok, nice words but what have we done.
Once we acquired the land we immediately let it rest for two years, then we planted the field beans to provide nutrients to the soil, which was then buried in the ground. After about a year we started work on the vineyard, the rest of the fields, after a cycle of alfalfa, were left to grass waiting for future ideas.


All our land is certified organic, in the vineyard we only carry out the essential copper and sulfur treatments, we carry out targeted fertilization every year with pelleted organic manure, the vineyard is grassed to avoid soil erosion.
In the olive grove, however, we do not use any treatment.

The farmhouse and the cellar are powered by solar energy, on our roofs we have a system of approximately 10 KW which is sufficient to power the entire property, hot water is produced 100% for at least 7/8 months a year, for the remaining period we use biomass supplementation, with the use of olive pits and alternatively A1 certified pellets. The heating is all underfloor and at low temperature for conscious energy consumption.

In the cellar the wine processing respects the organic rules also for winemaking, our wine is not certified for a mere economic question, but if everything goes as we hope there will soon be news from this point of view too.

This is what we have done but there is still a long way to go, storage batteries, electric vehicles etc. but we certainly won’t back down.