Rossoforte is our 100% Gaglioppo red, a vine recognized as one of the oldest in the world. We are among the first who rediscovered and planted this grape, the plant from which it was reproduced was located right on the border of our land, a sign and a mission that we decided to undertake.

The name Gaglioppo in dialect means closed fist, which describes the compactness of this bunch. Already in the 1960s, replanting was recommended due to the high quality of the grapes, a message that went unheeded due to the low yields. Today the consumer is more aware of quantity, preferring quality and now Gaglioppo can have its revenge.


Marche Gaglioppo Igt

Type: Galglioppo
Age of the vines: 6 years
Temperature: 14, 18 degrees
Cultivation form: Guyot
Plants per hectare: 5.500
Yield per hectare: 45 q/ha
Agricultural management: certified ORGANIC
Alcool : 15,5
Residual sugars: 0.14 g/L
Acidity: 5.65 g/L
Sulphites: 45 mg/L


After a relatively mild winter, March was full of precipitation. From April onwards, however, the climate was dry and hot. Flowering was normal, and the summer passed with a hot and dry climate. Fortunately, in the last phase of maturation we had some rain which favored optimal maturation. The first grapes were harvested at the end of September.


– ruby red with subtle garnet nuances.
– ripe red fruit, cherries and morello cherries, floral aromas of violets and spicy notes of liquorice and chocolate.
– structured, with an almost velvety tannin and a very persistent finish.


It goes well with elaborate first courses, platters of mature cheeses and cured meats, grilled meats and game.
Excellent as a meditation wine.

Hilly vineyard is located in Sant’ Elpidio Morico. It faces south at 367 m above sea level, very sunny and with a large temperature range during the ripening period, we are in a gully between the sea and the mountain, this means that it is always ventilated, especially in the early morning, drying the plants from night-time humidity, thus allowing us to reduce biological treatments to a minimum; clayey/sandy soil.

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