The old district gives its name to our white Vitalbero,

Grapes have always been grown here and the grapes grew in symbiosis with the field maple trees.


Where the vines have always thrived we have replanted our vineyard, a very dense plant with 5,500 plants per hectare, here the vine must earn its place. the yield is very low. but the quality of the grapes is high.


Pecorino is the main grape variety of this vineyard, together with the Tuscan Trebbiano they give rise to our Vitalbero blend.


Marche bianco Igt

Type: Pecorino 80%, Trebbiano 20%
Age of the vines: 7 years
Temperature: 12, 14 degrees
Cultivation form: Guyot
Plants per hectare: 5.500
Yield per hectare: 45 q/ha
Agricultural management: certified ORGANIC
Alcool : 12,5
Residual sugars: 0.03 g/L.
Acidity: 5.55 g/L
Sulphites: 26 mg/L


After a relatively mild winter, March was full of precipitation. From April onwards, however, the climate was dry and hot. Flowering was normal, and the summer passed with a hot and dry climate. Fortunately, in the last phase of maturation we had some rain which favored optimal maturation. The first grapes were harvested at the end of August.


– intense straw yellow with light green reflections
– complex fruit with hints of William pear, white peach and pineapple.
– savory and persuasive on the palate, with great and elegant minerality


It goes perfectly with soft cheeses, fish and white meats.
Also excellent as an aperitif wine.

Hilly vineyard is located in Sant’ Elpidio Morico. It faces south at 367 m above sea level, very sunny and with a large temperature range during the ripening period, we are in a gully between the sea and the mountain, this means that it is always ventilated, especially in the early morning, drying the plants from night-time humidity, thus allowing us to reduce biological treatments to a minimum. Clay/sandy soil composition.

Vitalbero ’19

Vitalbero ’22

Pecora Pop ’21

Anita ’22

Rossoforte ’21